24 Dec 2012

Lupus worse for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Vincent, Fabien 003_34116223/12/2012, 14/12/2012 Dr Fabien Vincent, Department of Immunology, on a new study to find out why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people suffer more frequently and severely from Lupus than non-Indigenous Australians. ABC Online www.abc.net.au/speakingout/stories/s3660250.htm; NITV Sydney, 774 ABC Melbourne, Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association http://ahha.asn.au/news/indigenous-australians-vulnerable-lupus.

18 Dec 2012

12 Dec 2012

Monash vision project advances

bionic-eye12/12/2012 Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Department of Surgery - Alfred Hospital, discusses Monash Vision, which aims to give some sight back to blind individuals. For more about the project see http://www.monash.edu.au/bioniceye/technology.html 774 ABC Melbourne

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