30 Jul 2013

Recent Central Clinical School publications

Cashin K, Gray LR, Jakobsen MR, Sterjovski J, Churchill MJ, Gorry PR (2013). CoRSeqV3-C: A novel HIV-1 subtype C specific V3 sequence based coreceptor specificity prediction algorithm. Retrovirology, 2013.
Flynn JK, Paukovics G, Ellett A, Moore M, Gray LR, Duncan R, et al. The magnitude of HIV-1 resistance to the CCR5 antagonist maraviroc imparts a differential alteration in HIV-1 tropism for macrophages and T-cell subsets. Virology, 2013.

Gray LR, Tachedjian G, Ellett AM, Roche MJ, Brew BJ, Turville SG, Wesselingh SL, Gorry PR, Churchill MJ (2013). Zidovudine and stavudine have reduced HIV-1 inhibitory activity in astrocytes. Plos One, 2013 (8:e62196).
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