8 Nov 2013

ARC grant successes for Central Clinical School: Justin Hamilton (ACBD) and Seb Dworkin (Medicine)

Australian Research Council grant successes for Central Clinical School were:
Dr Justin Hamilton, Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, has won a Future Fellowship totalling $745,744 over 5 years.
Dr Sebastian Dworkin, Department of Medicine, was awarded a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award totalling $383,066 over 3 years 
See detail of their projects below.

Hamilton Project Summary
Pharmaceutical inhibition of platelet function is the primary therapy for prevention of arterial thrombosis – the most common cause of death and disability in Australia. However, current therapies have limited efficacy. Defining platelet activation mechanisms in order to rationalise more effective antithrombotic approaches is the major focus of this research. This project describes the first studies to examine the importance of a family of intracellular signalling enzymes, the Class II phosphoinositide 3-kinases, in platelet function. These studies will define the contribution of these enzymes to platelet production and function and will establish whether their inhibition is an attractive strategy for the prevention of arterial thrombosis

Dworkin Project Summary
Understanding the genetic regulation of embryo formation is the cornerstone of developmental biology. As four per  cent of Australian children are born with some form of prenatal defect, understanding the basic biology of embryogenesis is paramount for long-range development of future therapies. We have identified a highly conserved transcription factor, Grhl3, which regulates multiple stages of embryonic formation. Using advanced genetic models, this project will characterise the role of Grhl3 in the regulation of cellular migration and craniofacial skeleton and brain development. The project will also identify the target genes which Grhl3 regulates. The identification of such transcriptional networks is imperative to understanding the holistic molecular control of embryogenesis. 

All results can be seen at www.arc.gov.au.

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