17 Feb 2014

Participants sought: Hay fever treatment with oral tablet

Rye grass is a common
The Alfred Allergy Clinic is conducting a study of oral tablet treatment for hay fever. This new oral tablet dissolves in the mouth before swallowing, and the study will investigate it as an alternative to “allergy shots”. Researchers are seeking 40 patients of both Chinese and non-Chinese background. This treatment could pave the way to relief for the large number of Chinese people who develop grass pollen hay fever in Australia. See more about the Department of Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory medicine's research.
To participate you need to:
•    suffer from Spring hay fever
•    be at least 16 years old
•    be of Chinese or non-Chinese background
•    Visit The Alfred in Prahran 5 times during the course of 15 months

Discuss with your GP if you are interested in a referral and then contact our research nurses on +61 3 9076 3710 or +61 3 9076 2239

Alfred Hospital Ethics Project#: 514/13
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