1 May 2015

7 May Seminar: The tetraspanin CD82 and autophagy - its role in host defense

This Special Seminar will be held 12‐1pm on Thursday 7 May 2015 in the AMREP Education Centre Lecture theatre. All welcome.

A/Prof Jatin Vyas from the Harvard Medical School, USA will speak on "The tetraspanin CD82 and autophagy - its role in host defense". Prof Vyas’ laboratory has expertise in the interactions between dendritic cells and fungal pathogens, focusing on the role of Dectin-1, LC-3 (member of the autophagy family of proteins), Toll-like receptors and tetraspanins and their effects on phagosomal maturation. Please join us after the seminar for light refreshments.

See more about the Department of Immunology seminars: www.med.monash.edu.au/immunology/teaching/seminars.html
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