6 Oct 2015

Mental health in the media with MAPrc

Prof Paul Fitzgerald explaining about
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
ABC Catalyst: Brain stimulation, broadcast 6 October 2015

Dr Maryanne Demasi explores magnetic transcranial stimulation or TMS with Professor Paul Fitzgerald. In the case of treating depression, the magnetic field is applied to the left prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain most responsible for happiness. Paul  says, "We tend to find about 45% of the patients we treat get a really substantial antidepressant response. Another 20% or so get benefit without it perhaps being life-changing. And about 35%, the patients don't respond at all."

Radio 3AW Talking health 4 October 2015: Professor Jayashri Kulkarni on 'borderline personality disorder' with Dr Sally Cockburn, how the term was invented 80 years ago and doesn't really help or explain the disorder (they don't quite have psychosis, they don't have depression, so it must be 'personality'!). Prof Kulkarni says that 85% of individuals diagnosed with the disorder had an early life trauma. They don't have a good internal sense of who they are. The major and most dangerous symptom is self harm.

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