3 Dec 2015

Photo of the week: ACBD symposium

Nov 2015 Australian Centre for Blood Diseases symposium. Names given in left to right sequence
Front row: Dr Huyen Tran,
Dr Elizabeth Gardiner, Professor Harshal Nandurkar
2nd row: A/Prof David Curtis,
Dr Mark Guthridge, Dr Jake Shortt, Dr Anissa Jabbour, Dr Stephen Opat
3rd row: Dr Max Topp, A/Prof Jody Haigh, Dr Sue Morgan, Prof Rob Medcalf, Prof Stephen Jane, Prof Christina Mitchell
4th row: Dr Stephen Ting, Dr Sanjeev Chunilal, A/Prof Ross Dickins, Dr Rob Andrews, Dr Warwick Nesbitt, Dr Justin Hamilton, Dr Christoph Hagemeyer

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