29 Jul 2016

Photo gallery of the week: 29 June BMedSc(Hons) information night

Dr Justin Hamilton, CCS Honours coordinator, and Prof Stephen Jane, HOS CCS, speaking at CCS's recent BMedSc(Hons) event. CCS is co-hosting a further Honours information night on 16 August, for all intending Honours students from the BBiomed, BSc and BBiotech undergraduate streams. Intending graduate research students are also invited to attend as the range of research projects spans the medical research continuum from basic to translational and clinical applications.
  • Photo gallery of the 29 June BMedSc(Hons) information night now up: Link
  • Deadline for BMedSc(Hons) applications: 9 August 2016
  • 16 Aug AMREP (CCS, SPHPM, Burnet, Baker IDI) Honours and Graduate Research information night taking RSVPs: Link to information; Link to Register
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