16 Jun 2017

3MT CCS heat is on! Tue 27 Jun - all welcome

Aron Hill in the 2016 CCS heat: video
Support our PhD students by coming along to the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) heat for Central Clinical School on Tuesday 27 June 2017! The 3MT event was established in 2008 by University of Queensland and has become international, as it is a very popular and effective showcase for PhD students to make their often highly technical research accessible for a lay audience.

  • Venue: Lecture theatre, level 5, Alfred Centre
  • Date: Tuesday 27 June 2017
  • Time: 2-3 pm
  • All welcome! The audience also gets to vote, and a prize is awarded to the People's Choice winner
  • See CCS's 2016 3MT video playlist
This year's competing CCS students

Ms Emily King
Supervisors: Dr Brian Drew, Dr Darren Henstridge, Dr Anna Calkin
Thesis title: Does skeletal muscle mitochondrial dysfunction cause insulin resistance?
Department: Baker Institute

Ms Mahtab Parvaresh
Supervisors: Dr Daniel Andrews, Prof Steven Gerondakis
Thesis title: The role of NFKB molecules in NK cell development
Department: Immunology and Pathology


Mr Matthew Snelson
Supervisors: A/Prof Melinda Coughlan, Prof Mark Cooper, Dr Sih Min Tan
Thesis title: The effects of dietary advanced glycation endproducts on gut homeostasis and chronic kidney disease
Department: Diabetes

Ms Jacqueline Riddiford
Supervisors: Dr Caroline Gurvich, A/Prof Peter Enticott A/Prof Joanne Fielding
Thesis title: Social functioning and visual processing in autism spectrum disorder
Department: Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre

Mr Nikolce Kocovski
Supervisors: Prof David Tarlinton, Dr Steven Rockman, Prof Andrew Lew.
Thesis title: Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to snake venom
Department: Immunology and Pathology

Mr Amlan Chakraborty
Supervisors: Prof Magdalena Plebanski, Prof Cordelia Selomulya, Dr Simon Royce, Dr Jennifer Boer.
Thesis title: Immunomodulatory role of functionalized nanoparticles on antigen presenting cells
Department: Immunology and Pathology

Ms Amy Wilson
Supervisors: Prof Magdalena Plebanski, Dr Andrew Stephens
Thesis title: Improving in vivo detection methods and immunomodulatory therapies for the treatment of high-grade serous ovarian cancers
Department: Immunology and Pathology

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