31 Aug 2017

The Longevity List - answering the big questions about living a healthy, long life

Prof Merlin Thomas's new book, "The Longevity List"
“Modern life is slowly killing us. It’s ruining our chances at a hundred and beyond. We have to do something. But what should be on our longevity list when the health revolution comes?”

Merlin Thomas MBChB, PhD, FRACP is a Professor of Medicine in the Department of Diabetes at Monash University, Melbourne. Professor Thomas is both a physician and internationally recognised clinician-scientist working in the field of diabetic complications, but he has a broader interest in all aspects of preventive medicine and ageing.

His new book, “The Longevity List”, looks at each question on the ‘longevity list” further analysing why the list has become a health priority, and giving his scientifically backed verdict on what merit each question has.

The book tackles big questions such as, do we really have to give up chocolate, coffee and alcohol? Should we go vegetarian or vegan? Do we have to lose our big bellies and exercise more?

Professor Thomas debunks the myths behind often-contradictory advice whilst highlighting that even the simplest of life changes can noticeably improve your health and your chances of survival.

Professor Thomas is trained in both nephrology and endocrinology and a state-of-the-art molecular scientist. Globally, he is the third-highest ranked expert in diabetic kidney disease and recognised as an opinion leader in the field of diabetic complications. He has published over 300 articles in many of the world’s leading medical journals. Professor Thomas is also the bestselling author “Understanding Type 2 Diabetes” and “Fast Living, Slow Ageing.”

The Longevity List is currently available online and will be released in bookstores later this month.

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