23 Nov 2017

Congratulations to CCS's 10th annual graduate research symposium winners!

L-R: Erica Kim, Matthew Snelson, Ashlee Conway, Maria Selvadurai, Minhee Halemba, Paul Gill
The Central Clinical School's (CCS) 10th annual Graduate Research Symposium ran last Friday 17 November. Graduate research students from across CCS presented their research in the biggest student-run event of the year. We also had fun sessions where supervisors got to showcase their communication skills in the popular "Explain My Graph" and "No-Bell" competitions.
Congratulations to the winners. See detail of all presenters in the symposium booklet.
    Oral presentations:
    • 1st Ashlee Conway (ACBD)
    • 2nd Maria Selvadurai (ACBD)
    • 3rd Paul Gill (Gastroenterology)
    Poster presentations:
    • 1st Erica Kim (Neuroscience)
    • 2nd Matthew Snelson (Diabetes)
    • 3rd Minhee Halemba (ACBD)
    Fun sessions:
    • "No-Bell": Prof Karin Jandeleit-Dahm
    • "Explain my graph": Prof Merlin Thomas

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