6 Dec 2017

Congratulations to CCS 2017 NHMRC grant recipients!

Congratulations to all of our National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) project grant recipients in Central Clinical School (CCS)! In addition to the CCS based recipients listed below, we would also like to congratulate Dr Nadine Andrew who is in the process of transferring her grants to CCS from the School of Clinical Sciences. Nadine is based at Peninsula Health with Velandai Srikanth’s group. We also farewell Professor Magdalena Plebanski, who is taking on a senior role at RMIT of Enabling Capability Platform Director, Health and Biomedical Sciences.

CDF Name
Grant Title
Dr Nadine Andrews
Peninsula Clinical School
Evaluation of enhanced models of primary care in the management of stroke and other chronic diseases
The unique nature of gamma delta T cell recognition resolved through interaction with H2-Q10
Dr Catriona Bradshaw
Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
Antibiotic treatment of male partners to reduce recurrence of bacterial vaginosis in women: a randomised double-blind trial
Prof Mark Cooper
Department of Diabetes
Targeting epigenetic pathways that lead to diabetic complications
A/Prof Christoph Hagemeyer
Australian Centre for Blood Diseases
Degradable nanocapsules for thromboprophylaxis and treatment of acute thrombosis
Understanding the roles of the EMT transcription factors in epigenetic remodelling and myeloid cell transformation.
Targeting a novel anti-platelet mechanism for improved anti-thrombotic therapy
G-CSF: a pathogenic effector in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its comorbidities

Dissecting the contribution of IL-17-producing γδ T cells to the pathogenesis of airway diseases
A/Prof Benjamin Marsland
Department of Immunology and Pathology
Clinical implications of trans-kingdom microbial interactions in the transplanted lung

Prof Harshal Nandurkar
Australian Centre for Blood Diseases
Targeted delivery of CD39 to the ischaemic brain improves outcomes in stroke.
Bacterial and Host Drivers of Fulminant Community-acquired Acinetobacter baumannii Infection

Antibiotic Resistance and Host Immune Evasion in Staphylococcus aureus
Prof Magdalena Plebanski
Department of Immunology and Pathology
Vaccine Immunomodulation Throughout the Aging Lifespan (VITAL Study)
Analysis of circulating tumour DNA for mutational characterisation and tracking disease progression in multiple myeloma
IL21, B-cell Proliferation and the Mechanism of Memory Formation
Extending life after lung transplantation - defining the structural and immunological drivers of chronic lung allograft dysfunction
A/Prof Sandy Shultz
Department of Neuroscience
Mild traumatic brain injuries and neurodegenerative disease
Prof Patrick Kwan
Department of Neuroscience
Clinical utility and cost-effectiveness of genome sequencing for refractory epilepsy in children and adults: a multicentre randomised controlled trial

More about the overall NHMRC figures:
  • $640 million in National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding will be invested by the Turnbull Government in world-leading health and medical research in the laboratory, clinic and community on a wide range of Australian health needs.
  • Cancer research continues to be a priority for the Government.
  • 732 health and medical research grants have been announced today covering 11 funding schemes and providing support for researchers in each state and territory.
  • In 2017, its 80th year, NHMRC is providing more than $877 million in total funding for health and medical research.
  • $109 million is being allocated to projects led by some of the brightest minds in Australia, searching for better cancer detection, treatments, care and cures.
  • Over $96 million is being provided to research on cardiovascular disease—a disease that affects 4.2 million Australians
  • Over $53 million will be targeted through research projects that aim to help the four million Australians who suffer from a form of mental illness each year.
  • $31 million will be provided for research grants on Indigenous health issues. This is a continuing commitment of NHMRC to expend at least 5 per cent of MREA on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research this year.
  • The funding announced today builds on the $202 million of medical research funding announced by the Prime Minister in October and the allocation of $70 million through the Medical Research Future Fund Next Generation Clinical Researchers program announced in November.

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