2 Mar 2018

Participants sought: Healthy controls for multiple sclerosis study

Dr Meaghan Clough is the 
contact for this study on MS
seeking healthy controls
Ocular motor assessment as an extension of the neurological examination in multiple sclerosis

We are seeking healthy participants as control subjects only, aged between 35-65 years old.

Cognitive function is highly prevalent in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). However, routine clinical assessment rarely includes assessment of cognitive function. This clearly impacts the implementation of effective patient management strategies. To address this, we propose the inclusion of ocular motor (OM) measures of cognition in the clinical assessment of MS patients.

This research will ascertain the profile of measures most useful to possibly (1) aid diagnosis, and (2) measure disease progression. Ultimately, this will lead to the development of a user-friendly, cost-effective, surrogate measure of brain damage and therapeutic effect which would dramatically improve patient management, potentially facilitating earlier identification of symptoms and progression and the prediction of disease course.

Contact: Dr Meaghan Clough
Email: meaghan.clough@monash.edu
Phone: (03) 9903 0895
Website: https://www.monash.edu/medicine/ccs/neuroscience
Department: Van Cleef/Roet Centre for Nervous Diseases, and Department of Neuroscience
Ethics approval: 8068 Monash University

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