18 Apr 2018

Monash Bioinformatics Platform at CCS and Upcoming Workshops

Intro to Python Workshop. Data Fluency, March 2018
The Monash Bioinformatics Platform (MBP) has a representative based within the CCS in the form of Dr Nick Wong. The MBP is one of many research platforms offered by Monash University. Unlike other platforms, the MBP has at it's core, a team of bioinformaticians with a diverse skill-set who are here to facilitate research requiring bioinformatics analysis. While we may not have the expertise you require immediately, we are likely to know researchers that do and could link groups together with common research interests.

Another activity we are engaged in, is offering training and workshops in software including R and Python. To stay up to date with future workshops, sign up to our mailing list. We have a CCS/Alfred specific mailing list, please email Nick directly and ask to be put on that list. In addition of workshop announcements, you will get notices of bioinformatics informal seminars that are held at 2:30pm on Wednesdays either at Clayton or here at the Alfred Centre. The seminar is beamed via Zoom.

Dr Nick Wong
We crave acknowledgement and this is one way we are measured on performance. We are very passionate and proud of supporting Monash researchers with their Bioinformatics needs and for being part of the published research work. Where appropriate please acknowledge the contributions of MBP simply by stating Authors acknowledge support of Monash Bioinformatics Platform for this work. We are always looking to grow the community and this could be achieved through incorporating funding support for a bioinformatics analyst in your project grants. Please contact us for further details.

Upcoming workshops to be hosted at the Central Clinical School (free to attend):
  • Intro to R Workshop, May 16th 2018. (Click to goto the website, tickets released May 1)
  • Illumina Ignite NGS 101 Workshop June 2018, lunch provided.
  • Qiagen RNA Workshop - Gaining deeper insight from your total RNA analysis, AMREP Lecture Theatre. 11am-12pm, Wednesday June 6 2018, lunch provided. 
Our R-intro workshops are very popular to please sign up as soon as you can. Please email Nick Wong if you are interested in the other workshops.

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