4 May 2018

Video of the week: Red Lab Coat Day 2018 - Kiss Goodbye to MS

Every year on 1 May 1 research groups throughout Australia participate in Red Lab Coat Day. The day aims to raise the profile of and funding for research on multiple sclerosis organized.
This year your CCS Neuroscience MS researchers have put together a hilarious video for the 'Kiss Goodbye to MS' campaign to raise awareness and funds. The video is part of the 'Battle of the Labs', and Helmut Butzkueven, Vilija Jokabaitis, Mastura Monif, Steven Petratos and Anneke van der Walt would love you to vote for it. They want to win the surprise prize!

Please share the link with all your family, friends and colleagues, ask them to ‘kiss’ (vote) for their favourite and post on your social media using the attached social tiles and the #KissGoodbyeToMS and #RedLabCoatDay hashtags.
See the video and the photo gallery here:

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research and clinical services at Monash University and The Alfred:

Our MS researchers and practitioners:

Professor Helmut Butzkueven
Professor and Chair, MS and Neuroimmunology Research, Central Clinical School, Monash University
Clinical appointment:
Head, MS and Neuroimmunology Service, Alfred Health
Director, MS Service, Eastern Health

"Data is guiding us to better outcomes for people with MS. We are combining traditional doctor-generated disease outcomes data, patient self-generated active monitoring data and better analysis of MRI scan data to assess the likely success or failure of MS treatments in the individual as quickly as possible."

Dr Vilija Jokubaitis

"My aim is to improve the prediction of future outcomes of people with MS by combining doctor-generated clinical data, genetic information and data on environmental exposures. In doing so, I hope to ultimately personalize MS treatment to ensure that the right person gets the right therapy as soon as possible."

Dr Mastura Monif
Clinical appointment: Neurologist, Alfred Health and Melbourne Health
Research: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Monash University
Head, of Neuroimmunology, Neuroinflammation and Neurological Diseases Laboratory

"As a neurologist, I want my patients to know that we will do everything we can to kiss MS goodbye. As a scientist, I believe that for every disease there must be a cure. And for MS, we working tirelessly to try and find the link between the peripheral and central immune components, looking at cellular, molecular and genetic factors that initiates and propagates the disease but also most importantly we are aiming to find ways to halt disease flare and disease progression. If there is hope, there is a way!"

Dr Steven Petratos

"My team and I are using new stem cell therapies and drugs to repair the brain and prevent MS progression."

Ms Louise Rath
Clinical appointment: MS nurse consultant, MS and Neuroimmunology Service, Alfred Health.
Research: Louise studies the implementation of services for people with MS and is particularly interested in client engagement with services, education and brain health strategies.

Associate Professor Anneke van der Walt
Clinical appointment: Head of MS, MS and Neuroimmunology Service, Alfred Health

"Technology and computerised tests can be used to monitor for changes in function in people with MS. We are particularly interested in monitoring changes in memory and thinking before they affect people in their day-to-day activities."

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