13 Dec 2018

Congratulations to our CASS Foundation grant winners!

Dr Ting-Yi Wang
Dr Jess Borger
Congratulations to Dr Jess Borger and Dr Ting-Yi Wang (pictured), who have won CASS Foundation grants.

Dr Ting-Yi Wang is a Research Fellow at the Australian Centre of Blood Diseases. She has been awarded a $55,000 grant by the CASS Foundation for her research project, titled "Antibody directed cell targeting for the treatment of stroke".

Dr Jess Borger is a Research Fellow in the Department of Immunology and Pathology, and has likewise been awarded a $55,000 grant for her research project, "Designing superior killers for cancer immunotherapy".

See more:
Ting-Yi Want: research.monash.edu/en/persons/ting-yi-wang
Jess Borger: research.monash.edu/en/persons/jessica-borger

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