17 Apr 2019

Promising technology heads to Melbourne for Parkinson's Disease trial

The Reviver in action

Technology being brought to Melbourne as part of a trial by Neuroscience researcher Dr Ben Sinclair made the Sydney news recently. The Reviver is a device that tilts people and rotates them through the gravitational field, strengthening muscles with minimal conscious effort. In people with neuromuscular degenerative conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease, it stimulates remaining reflex pathways, providing better muscle tone and balance.

Ben is bringing a Reviver machine to Melbourne as part of a trial to assess the efficacy in patients with Parkinson's Disease. 15 patients will undergo a three month exercise regime on the machine, and their Parkinson's symptoms assessed before and after the intervention, along with electronic measures of their gait and balance, and eye-tracking measures to assess the brains motor pathways.

To see the technology on Ten News Sydney watch here:

To find out more about the Melbourne study, email ben.sinclair@monash.edu

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  1. Hi Ben,
    I have been involved with using the 'reviver' since 29th December 2017 and can honestly say it has changed my life both physically and mentally.
    Physically I have 6 lower vertebrae with paper thin discs The chiropractor virtually said I had the backbone of a 75 year old which was quite disheartening seeing I am only 64.
    I am an avid surfer and my 'get up' over the last few years getting to my feet on my surfboard has been greatly diminished
    I was also struggling with bi polar depression,
    Since I have been using reviver, my core strength has greatly increased to the point I am jumping to my feet again like a 30 year old and I am thoroughly enjoying my surfing again.
    Mentally, I have never felt clearer and I haven't touched any medication since discovering the machine by chance on an invite from a surfing friend of inventor Geoffery redmond.
    I feel my body is producing naturally those feel good chemicals of dopamine and serotonin those endorphins necessary for good day to day mental health.
    Over these last 16 months, I have observed from the other side of the room the amazing results The EVE machine has been getting with many parkinsons patients of varying degrees of disability and affliction.
    No only Parkinsons but also incredible results with MS patients Stroke victims Brain damaged/ injured patients, rheumatoid arthritis and personally , depression
    I can only begin to imagine the results these machines could have on people with other afflictions impairing their mobility
    Motor Neuron disease and corresponding symptoms such as Alzheimers, Dementia and other neurological disorders.
    I am very excited about your current study and its findings as I thoroughly endorse this machine and associated manual machine that has given me such wonderful personal results
    Please do not hesitate to email me for any information on using these machines I feel my personal experience and expertise with using these machines to their full potential is invaluable and totally beneficial to your study

    Mark De Pena

    email address: mdepena@optusnet.com.au


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