31 Jan 2020

Participants sought: Will prebiotic dietary fibre reduce blood pressure?

We're trying to find out whether a
particular kind of dietary fibre, called

'prebiotic', influences blood pressure
If you have high blood pressure but are not on medication, we would love to hear from you about participating in a research study investigating whether the use of prebiotic dietary fibre lowers blood pressure.

Our diet has been long known to influence the levels of blood pressure. While our bodies are incapable of digesting some types of fibre, they are fermented in the gut, where they feed the community of ‘good’ microbes. This results in the release of substances that may be beneficial in lowering blood pressure. The present study will test if a modified high fibre supplement could be used to lower blood pressure.

Participants will eat delicious foods that contain either the supplement or placebo, for 3 weeks each, with a 3-week break in between the diets (total study period 9 weeks). The study involves 4 visits to The Alfred Centre that are 60-90 mins where there are varying blood pressure and arterial stiffness measurements taken, as well as blood collection. Participants will collect faecal samples at home, as well as measure daily blood pressure. Participants need to be 18-70 years of age, have a BMI of 18.5-30 and have high blood pressure but not on medication.

Ms Dakota Rhys-Jones, Research Dietitian
Email: Dakota.rhys-jones@monash.edu
Phone: (03) 9905 8098
Website: www.marqueslab.com/gut
Ethics Committee Project Number: 19203

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