17 Feb 2020

The 'bible' of allergy updated

Since 1978, when the late Elliott Middleton, Jr., together with the founding editors Elliot Ellis and Charles Reed, published the comprehensive book Allergy: Principles and Practice, these two volumes have been the definitive text on allergy practice and disease mechanisms worldwide.

A number of Monash University researchers have contributed to the new 9th edition and Monash's Head of Central Clinical School’s Department of Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory MedicineProfessor Robyn E O’Hehir AO FAHMS, is one of the editors.

As the recognised definitive text, the tome is now in its ninth edition including an e-version. Over the last decade, understanding of allergic diseases and their diagnosis, prevention and management has advanced considerably. In parallel, the prevalence, spectrum and severity of allergy have also increased, such that allergic disorders are a major public health issue affecting a high proportion of the global population with a substantial socioeconomic burden.

Professor O’Hehir is an editor of Middleton’s together with a small invited editor group from the US and the UK, and says that it is considered the 'bible' of allergy. Chapters were invited from a number of Monash University research staff including A/Professor Menno van Zelm, A/Professor Mark Hew, Professor Bruce Thompson and Professor O’Hehir.

Burks W, Holgate S, O’Hehir RE, Broide DH, Bacharier LB, Khurana Hershey GK, Peebles RS.(Eds) (2020) Middleton’s Allergy Principles and Practice 9th Edition. Elsevier. ISBN:978-0-323-54424-5

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