20 Mar 2020

Photo of the week: Kat Holt's Microbial Genomics group

Professor Kathryn (Kat) Holt's group, February 2020. L-R Back row: Mr Hugh Cottingham, Dr Zoe Dyson, Mr Stephen Watts, Mr Ryan Wick Middle row: Dr Kelly Wyres, Prof Kathryn Holt, Dr Louise Judd, Dr Margaret Lam. Front row: Mr David Edwards, Dr Jane Hawkey, Ms Taylor Harshegyi. Absent: Dr Louise Cerdeira, Dr Leonardos Mageiros, Mr Hassan Al-Mana, Ms Fatemah Mubarak

Prof Kat Holt joined Monash University in January 2019. Prof Holt is a HHMI-Gates International Scholar and Viertel Foundation Senior Medical Research Fellow and leads a research group in the Department of Infectious Diseases. Her research focus is microbial genomics, developing and applying sequencing-based approaches to understanding bacterial pathogens, the microbiome and infectious disease. Kat and her research group at Monash collaborate with a wide range of clinical and public health labs both locally and internationally, investigating a range of problems including healthcare-associated infections, the evolution and spread of antimicrobial resistance, and global health pathogens such as typhoid, dysentery and tuberculosis.

See more about the Microbial Genomics group. You can follow Prof Holt on Twitter, at @DrKatHolt.

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