24 Aug 2020

A+ EMCR updates: 27 Aug 2020 issue

Dr Miles Andrews and Dr Meaghan Clough are the new editors
for Alfred Research Alliance EMCR updates
Hello CCS – Early/Mid-Career Researchers, Welcome to the new CCS - EMCR newsletter, designed as a quick and simple snapshot highlighting EMCR related programs or competitions happening around the A+ precinct and within the Faculty.

If you’re currently a research student or within 10 years post-PhD, then you’re an EMCR by our book, and we’re here to support you. This list is not meant to be exhaustive of all the available programs out there, just a curated list that we think might be of interest to CCS - EMCRs. For more programs, please check out the A+EMCR webpage and the ECR network page. See also recent news on the A+ EMCR website news page.

Please note, to access any of the recordings you need to be logged into your Monash email/google account.

Meaghan Clough (meaghan.clough@monash.edu) and Miles Andrews (miles.andrews@monash.edu)

Planning your Investigator Grant Submission?
The School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine are holding a workshop this Friday (28/8) to assist EMCRs to prepare for Investigator Grant submission. 
This will be a fabulous opportunity to get tips and suggestions and ask any questions of a panel of successful applicants.

Get Social Media Savvy
On 21 August the Faculty ran the “Get Social Media Savvy” webinar, which outlined the benefits of using social media to highlight your work on social media, and the best platforms and approaches to take. For all of you who missed out, below is a link to the webinar recording

Let’s Get Visible – Boosting Your Research Profile
The Faculty has also run a webinar looking at maximising your research profile using platforms such as Pure and other tips for improving your research visibility

A+EMCR Best Paper Award:
The application date for the award has been extended until 30 September!
Pop in any paper you completed in 2019 that you are particularly proud of. It doesn't have to be in the highest impact journal, it will be judged on a range of criteria. It is a great thing to put in the award section of your CV. The winner will be invited to present the paper at the EMCR Conference – another great thing to add to your CV. So give it a go!

A+EMCR Mentorship:
The EMCR committee offers early-mid career researchers the opportunity to obtain professional mentoring with selected leaders in relevant areas of research. Mentors can be at any stage of their careers (A to E) and be basic scientists, clinical or public health researchers. Check out the link for details

Have Skills, Need Work?             Have Work, Need Skills?
        You Might Be Looking For A Collaboration!!
The A+ EMRC committee will be conducting a session titled, "Let's Collaborate: Pitch your Research Idea!" during the EMCR Conference to be held on 29 October 2020. Applicants will be invited to pitch their research idea enabling early and mid-career researchers (including PhD students) to communicate with one another regarding the unique skills they already have and the unique skills that they require to undertake the research. If you are interested in taking part, please complete your details using the form below by Friday, 18 September 2020. https://forms.gle/PdLwdb7uMcCfbQ1u6

Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) 2020 Conference
The 59th ASMR National Scientific Conference (NSC) will explore the future of health and medical research, shining a light on the importance of basic, fundamental science in driving clinical translation and implementation.
ASMR are seeking abstracts from all fields of health and medical research. Abstracts will be accepted until September 25 (please note there will be no extensions after this date).

What if I haven’t joined the Monash ECR network?
Check out the link to register and receive updates about seminars and workshops that will help you to hone your research and grant writing skills

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