4 May 2021

2021 CCS 3MT competition on 27 May: All welcome!

This year's PhD students entering in the CCS 3MT heat being held 27 May: See CCS 3MT web page or read further down.
L-R from top: Pia Campagna, Erskine Chu, Muhammad Javaid, Runxuan Lin, Jacques Ma, Rachna Ram, Jennifer Reilly, Akshita Rana, Nicola Sergienko, Marissa Sgro, Georgia Symons

Each year, Central Clinical School graduate research (GR) students compete in the "Three Minute Thesis" competition (3MT), offered in every Australian university. 

The CCS 3MT competition is an opportunity for our GR students to convey the relevance and importance of their research in just 3 minutes. It is an excellent opportunity to achieve a higher profile for research students and their work. The Monash 3MT finalist will then be invited to represent Monash University at the Asia-Pacific 3MT competition, which will be held in Queensland at the University of Queensland.

2021 CCS 3MT competition details

The School's annual Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition will take place on 27 May, pitting eleven brave young researchers (see detail below) against each other in a bid to explain their research in plain English, and in only three minutes. The competition is a wonderful opportunity to practice sharing complex but vital research with a lay audience.

  • CCS 3MT (flyer) (Thursday 27 May 2021 @ 2:00pm-3:15pm via Zoom)
  • Faculty 3MT Final (Week: 19 June 2021 - 26 June 2021); and
  • Monash 3MT Final (Tuesday 17 August 2021)
  • Asia-Pacific Virtual Final (27 Sep 2021 - 20 Oct 2021)

Judging panel

  • Prof Terence O'Brien, Dr Karen Alt and Ms Julia Veitch


  • Winner ($300)      
  • Runner-up ($200)               
  • People's choice ($50)

Further details regarding the 3MT competition including rules and judging criteria can be found online.



Akshita Rana
Supervisors: A/Prof Christopher Hagemeyer, Dr Be'eri Niego, Dr Erik Westein
Topic: Stroke, heart attack and a 'smart' little antibody: A tale unfolds
Department: ACBD

Marissa Sgro
Supervisors: A/Prof Richelle Mychasiuk, Dr Rhys Brady and Dr Glenn Yamakawa
Topic: Investigating the Role of the Gut Microbiome in Adolescent and Adult Mild TBI Pathophysiology
Department: Neuroscience

Runxuan Lin
Supervisors: A/Prof Nigel Jones and Prof Patrick Kwan
Topic: Does epilepsy make Alzheimer’s disease worse?
Department: Neuroscience


Nicola Sergienko
Supervisors: Dr Kate Weeks, A/Prof Julie McMullen and Dr Daniel Donner
Topic: Shedding light on cardiac protein phosphatases: the role of B55α-PP2A in heart development and disease
Department: Baker


Jacques Ma
Supervisors: Dr Carlos Rosado, Prof Merlin Thomas
Topic: A novel approach to intracellular delivery of GLP-1 for diabetes and obesity pharmacotherapy
Department: Diabetes

Georgia Symons
Supervisors: A/Prof Sandy Shultz, A/Prof Joanne Fielding, Dr Meaghan Clough, Dr Scott Kolbe
Topic: Hitting close to home: Concussion in Australian rules football
Department: Neuroscience

Rachna Ram
Supervisors: Prof Warren Rozen, Prof Paul Bonnington, Prof David Hunter-Smith
Topic: Augmented reality visualisation to aid breast reconstruction surgery in the operating theatre
Department: Peninsula

Maria Pia Campagna
Supervisors: Dr Vilija Jokubaitis, Prof Helmut Butzkueven, Dr Jeanette Lechner-Scott, Dr Rodney Lea
Topic: Finding the right treatment for the right patient with multiple sclerosis
Department: Neuroscience

Muhammad Javaid
Supervisors: Prof Patrick Kwan, Dr Ana Antonic-Baker, Dr Alison Anderson, Prof Terence O’Brien
Topic: Development of personalized disease-in-a-dish model of focal cortical dysplasia using induced pluripotent stem cells
Department: Neuroscience


Jennifer Reilly
Supervisors: Prof Paul Myles, Prof Wendy Brown, Prof Belinda Gabbe
Topic: Predicting the risk of death after surgery to inform decision-making and care pathways
Department: Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine


Erskine Chu
Supervisors: Dr Bridgette Semple, A/Prof Margaret Hibbs, A/Prof Richelle Mychasiuk
Topic: SHIP-1 in Regulating Microglial Responses After Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury and Adult Steady State Brain
Department: Neuroscience

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