25 Feb 2022

Welcome to our 2022 Honours students!

We welcomed our new groups of general Honours (56 enrolled) and Bachelor of Medical Science Honours (14 enrolled) this week, so if you've seen lots of fresh faces being escorted around our various and many locations, that's who they are! See our group photos below. 


2022 Central Clinical School Honours students. Names are listed left to right for each row.
Front row: Claudia Shen, Michael Mahlis, Liam Ta, Theresa Nguyen, Sarah Lee, Arkash Ponnudurai.
2nd row: Karinza Matthews, Safiya Naina Marikar, Vaitheeswari, Holly Anne Fryer, Charlotte Sutton, Jenny Nguyen, Aemilia Sherwell, Mei Jeannie Hawe, Miranda Lynch.
3rd row: Shagun Batish, Maria Gergis, Jiarui Niu, Yutong Wu, Gadeer Al-Hobaish, Holly Adams, Amelia Sfameni, Sian Stuckey, Trang Thao Nguyen.
4th row: Stephanie Wiranata, Maggie Fitzpatrick, Yaqi Huang, Pich Kaneka Chheng, Gemma Ryan, Andre Espiritu, Nazam Kamboi, Mia King, Tiana Denny, Grace Sutherland, Kate Leyden.
Back row: Samin Iranfar, Callum Taylor, Rock Wilkins, Ahnaf Amer Hossain, Alexander Harris, Rachel Waring, Nick Schroer, Alistair Deller-Blue, Daniel Ramazanov, Savan Thuraisamay, Meg Allen, William Pham, Aleya Sarah Binti Amir Hamzah, Georgina Torey, Nathan Luu, Lucinda Jenkins, Ashraf Broury.

Bachelor of Medical Science Honours

2022 Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) students. Front row (L-R): Palak Gupta, Asuka Fujihara, Dangyi Peng, Hongyi Liu. Back row (L-R): Shreya Achar, Professor Karin Jandeleit-Dahm (Coordinator), Naomi MacPherson, Seamus Heanue, Sabrina Sutanto, Pamod Peiris, Sanna Wei, Professor Merlin Thomas (Coordinator), Latisha Eira Witjaksono.

Any questions about CCS Honours, or CCS BMedSc(Honours), please contact respectively our Honours coordinators, Associate Professor Margaret Hibbs, Professor Christoph Hagemeyer and Dr Vilija Jokubaitis; and BMedSc(Hons) coordinators Professors Karin Jandeleit-Dahm and Merlin Thomas.

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