22 Mar 2022

Participants sought: Biomarkers in brain trauma

Healthy participants sought for concussion biomarker study.
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Biomarkers in Brain Trauma (BIOBiT-III) - Diagnosis and follow-up of concussion after mild traumatic brain injury

Concussion is common, in particular, during combat training and contact sports, leading to disturbance in brain function caused by direct or indirect force to the head. Concussion typically results in the rapid onset of short-lived impairment of neurological function that resolves spontaneously in most cases. 

There are, however, no current tests that can reliably detect subtle changes from concussion or track brain recovery. 

Emerging evidence suggests that molecules detected in your blood may provide valuable information to identify patients with concussion and predict their symptom duration. Our study aims to identify potential biomarkers to reliably detect the severity of concussion.

We require healthy participants without bodily injury or concussion within the past 12 months to undergo cognitive and blood tests at enrolment day and 7 days, 28 days and 3 months afterwards. Each time point will take less than 60 minutes.


Ethics Committee Project Number: 105/18 Alfred Health

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