24 Oct 2014

AIRMED NHMRC Collaborative Grant Success

Tom Kotsimbos
Bruce Thompson
Robyn O'Hehir
Congratulations to the Department of Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory medicine researchers involved as Chief Investigators in complex collaborative grants: Professor Robyn O'Hehir, Associate Professor Tom Kotsimbos and Professor Bruce Thompson. See detail below.

NHMRC Project Grant ID 1079946: (2015-17) $673,472
Structure and Function of Human Fc Receptors.
CIA Hogarth M (Burnet Institute)
CIB Wines B
CIC Grimbaldestone M
CID O’Hehir RE (AIRmed)

NHMRC Project Grant: (2015-18) $965,569
The role of cross-reactive T cells in severe lung disease following viral respiratory infections.
CIA Purcell A (Monash Clayton)
CIB Mifsud N
CIC Kotsimbos T (AIRmed)

NHMRC National Severe Asthma Centre for Research Excellence (University of Newcastle) (2015-19) $2,498,171
CIA Gibson P
CIB Marks G
CIC McDonald V
CID Wark P
CIE King G
CIF Thompson B (AIRmed)
CIG Reddel H
CIH Upham J
CII Smith L
CIJ James A
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