21 Oct 2014

Participants sought: Optimising the use of Theta Burst TMS in Modifying Brain Activity

Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre (MAPrc) is currently seeking volunteers aged between 18 and 65 to take part in a study looking at the effects of magnetic stimulation on brain activity.  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a safe and non-invasive means of stimulating nerve cells in the brain. In addition to TMS, the participants will also have their brain activity assessed, using electroencephalograph (EEG). 
Participation will involve attending the MAPrc for three separate 2-3 hour testing sessions and will be reimbursed $20 per visit for travel and related costs. Sessions will include an interview session and a TMS/EEG session.  Potential participants will be screened prior to their participation in the study to ensure that they are eligible to take part.

If you are interested in participationg, please contact:
Mr. SungWook Chung Ph: +61 474126352 email: sung.chung@monash.edu

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