14 Nov 2014

Anaesthesia outside the theatre environment

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr David Daly has co authored a study which looks at using anaesthesia outside the theatre environment.

According to the study, the demand for remote anaesthesia has dramatically increased in recent years.

It notes that his increase is due to advancements in the rapidly expanding field of diagnostic and minimally invasive procedures, as well as to the increased awareness of the importance of the anaesthetist's expertise in safe sedation practice.

Services are requested at many different locations, for a diverse range of procedures. These can range from elective diagnostic procedures to life-saving emergency interventions, lasting from only seconds (e.g. cardioversion) through to all-day affairs in the electrophysiology laboratory. The patient population is equally diverse, covering all age groups and comorbidities.

The study found that the diverse range of locations, procedures and patient groups can provide a challenge to the anaesthesia team. Anaesthetists must maintain the same high standards as in the operating room, which requires appropriate facilities and staff, as well as suitable pre- and post-anaesthesia care.

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