29 May 2015

Photo of the Week: 2015 Early & Mid Career Researchers at AMREP

The AMREP based Early and Mid Career Researcher (EMCR) committee is a large and lively group committed to supporting all EMCRs at the AMREP precinct. For more about their activities see web: www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/ecr/

L-R: Mr Prabhat Lamichhane (SPHPM), Dr Leah Kivavali (SPHPM), Dr Loretta Piccenna (NTRI/CCS), Mr Brian Drew (BakerIDI), Dr Haloom Rafehi (SPHPM), Dr Lachlan Gray (Burnet), Dr Louisa Lam (SNM), Mr Justin Chen (Burnet), Ms Sarah Charnaud (Burnet/CCS).

Absent: Dr Eric Chow (CCS), Dr Judy Lowthian (SPHPM), Dr Carolina Weller (SPHPM), Dr Jo O'Toole (SPHPM), Mr Chhavi Bhatt (SPHPM), Dr Jennifer Pilgrim (SPHPM), Ms Laura Anderson (SPHPM), Mr Emdad Hoque (SPHPM), Ms Emma Gearon (BakerIDI), Ms Elisha de Valle (Burnet)

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