4 Jun 2015

Review article: Epithelial ovarian cancer therapy

Prof Magdalena Plebanski, (seated)
one of the authors, at work. A/Prof
Cordelia Selomulya (standing) works
with Prof Plebanski on a related
project, ovarian cancer nanovaccine.
Epithelial ovarian cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death. One woman in 70 will develop ovarian cancer in her lifetime and the majority of these women will die from the disease. Paclitaxel, a class of taxane with microtubule stabilising ability, has remained with platinum based therapy, the standard care for primary ovarian cancer management. A deeper understanding of the immunological basis and other potential mechanisms of action together with new dosing schedules and/or routes of administration may potentiate its clinical benefit. Newer forms of taxanes, with better safety profiles and higher intratumoural cytotoxicity, have yet to demonstrate clinical superiority over the parent compound.

Reference: Kampan NC, Madondo MT, McNally OM, Quinn M, Plebanski M. Paclitaxel and its evolving role in the management of ovarian cancer. BioMed Research International (2015). Article ID 413076

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