7 Mar 2016

Participants sought : Zonulin study to measure gut 'leakiness'

Mary Ajamian running a Zonulin assay
Zonulin is a protein involved in gut leakiness. It is measured in different groups with gastrointestinal dysfunction (e.g. NCGS, CD, IBD) as well as in normal healthy individuals. 

50 normal healthy participants are needed for the analysis. We need to collect 2 tubes of blood (approx. 17.5 mL) after refraining from eating gluten for at least 3 hours. It would be ideal to collect blood under fasting conditions (i.e. overnight fast, collection upon arrival at work), though a morning coffee or tea should be fine.

Selection criteria:

1. You are in a good state of health with no pre-existing diagnoses of gastrointestinal disease or abnormalities, liver disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.
2. You do not have evidence of ongoing, active infection and your immune system is healthy.
3. You are between the ages of 18 and 65.
4. You do not believe that you have a sensitivity to gluten and are not on a gluten-free diet.
5. You are capable of refraining from the consumption of gluten for three hours prior to a blood test.


Ms Mary Ajamian
Email: mary.ajamian@monash.edu

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