8 Apr 2016

Photo of the week: Central Clinical School Medical Education team

Central Clinical School Undergraduate Medical Education Directorate (UMED) team in the old stairwell of Alfred Hospital for the 18 March 2016 'Megaday', in which a series of presentations and workshops were offered for 130 medical students from affiliated sites.
L-R: Ms Jennie McInerney (Clinical Site Manager, Cabrini Health), Associate Professor Michele Levinson (Clinical Dean, Cabrini Health), Dr Raffi Luber (Clinical Supervisor, CCS), Ms Kate Sharp (Medical Undergraduate Coordinator, Epworth HealthCare), Associate Professor Anne Powell (Director, UMED), Ms Liana Moore (Clinical Site Administrator, CCS), Dr Erica Schmidt (Student Academic Support Unit), Ms Janty Taylor (Clinical Site Administrator, Peninsula Health), Ms Jean Martyn (Administrative Officer, CCS). Absent: Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor Laila Rotstein (Deputy Director, UMED), Dr Indi Rasaratnam (Senior Lecturer), Dr Paki Rizakis (Lecturer), Professor Geoffrey Metz (Director of Medical Education, Epworth Healthcare), Dr Philippa Corby (A/g Director of Medical Education, Peninsula Health)

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Web: www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/education/umed/contacts.html
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