6 May 2016

Participants sought: Anxiety and/or Depression and the experiences of Buddhism

Michael Ellem, is conducting a research project as part of a Master of Mental Health Science Degree, 1st Semester 2016, through Monash University.

The research project will be investigating two things:

1. Meanings of Buddhist meditation, mindfulness and spiritual practices for Buddhist practitioners with either a self- diagnosis or a clinical diagnosis of Anxiety and/or Depression.

2. The influence and dynamics of Buddhist meditation, mindfulness and spiritual practices on study participants.

It is envisaged that the researcher will undertake 3 interviews (open and semi- structured) with prospective participants (interviews will need to be audio-recorded) during the early part of 2016.

Participation in all stages of the project is entirely voluntary. This project is supervised by senior researchers in the University, we hope it will assist in developing understandings and meanings of mental health issues as they unfold for Buddhist practitioners in Australia.

If you are interested in participating in the study or desire further information
– please contact Michael Ellem on:

Phone: 07 4942 7116
Mobile: 0487 858 259
Email:  mdell4@student.monash.edu

This study has Monash University Ethics approval CF15/325 - 2015000156

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