26 Nov 2018

Diabetes in the news: Paul Zimmet interview with Channel News Asia

Channel News Asia interview with Prof
Paul Zimmet.
Professor Paul Zimmet, Department of Diabetes at Central Clinical School, presented at the Singapore Ministerial Conference on Diabetes, held 26-27 November 2018, and was interviewed about the global epidemic of diabetes by Channel News Asia. In the interview Prof Zimmet answered the following questions:
  • How serious is the diabetes situation worldwide?
  • What are the implications of that on the way we're managing diabetes?
  • We understand that by 2030, insulin will be beyond the reach of 41 million of the adults with type 2 diabetes who will need it worldwide. How critical is that problem, and how can we address that?
  • Back to the roots of diabetes - we understand that genes might play a role in causing diabetes but lifestyle choices are important as well. What are your thoughts - which factor matters more? And what can we do to lower our risk of getting diabetes?

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