27 Mar 2019

Seeking clarity on a fuzzy neurological condition

A/Professor Joanne Fielding and Professor Owen White from the Department of Neuroscience had a busy Friday morning last week, discussing their research into Visual Snow on both Neil Mitchell's 3AW radio show, and then featuring on Melbourne's Channel 9 News.

Visual Snow is thought to affect the way the brain processes optical messages from the eyes, with affected people viewing the world through a film of what looks like TV static. There are many related symptoms, including migraines, floaters, auras and more. It often takes years for people to be formally diagnosed, creating a tense and frustrating wait.

Melbourne architect Patricia Sarmiento knows all about it, and joined Joanne and Owen to share her experiences with Neil and Channel 9. You can listen to Neil's show here, and watch the Channel 9 article here.

Joanne and Owen's research is funded via a generous donation from US-based Visual Snow Institute, which you can read about here.

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