22 Mar 2021

Participate for a mate! Healthy participants sought for clinical trials

Nucleus Network at the Alfred Research Precinct has launched a recruitment campaign for healthy clinical trial participants. see here and below for detail.

Nearly 1 in 2 Australians has a chronic illness. Chances are you have a mate or family member affected.

Nucleus Network is looking for healthy people to participate in clinical studies to help advance medicine and provide more affordable medicines similar to those already available. 

Their research shows the top motivation for people to participate is to help a family member or mate suffering from a condition and to make an impact to medical research.

The clinical studies are ethics approved and participants are reimbursed up to $360 per day for their time.

If you’re healthy and over 18 years, find out more and contact them at https://www.nucleusnetwork.com/au/participate-in-a-trial/participate-for-a-mate/.

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