30 Apr 2014

Rare but critical immune cells to fight CLL can be restored

Professor Fabienne Mackay
The long-term survival of people suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) could be increased with the development of new therapeutic strategies. Ground-breaking research by Monash University Professor Fabienne Mackay from the Department of Immunology and PhD student Damien Easton-Saulep has been released today in the prestigious journal Leukemia that uncovers never before reported aspects of CLL. Professor Mackay’s research found that key cells called “plasmacytoid dendritic cells”, which are important for fighting infections and stimulating other immune cells in the destruction of tumor and infected cells, are actually eliminated in people with aggressive CLL. See more: 14 April 2014 Monash story 
Reference: www.nature.com/leu/journal/v28/n10/full/leu2014105a.html#aff1
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