30 Apr 2014

Our PhD students volunteer for 29 April Day of Immunology activities with high school students

Sir Gus Nossal conjuring his audience
to grow up and become immunologists
The International Day of Immunology is held in Australia on 29 April and there are many associated activities. One is a full day for high school students at the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), who have the opportunity to listen to and talk with eminent immunologists including Sir Gus Nossal, established and early career researchers, and try various wet lab activities and practicals under the careful eyes of immunology instructors. This year, four PhD students from the CCS Department of Immunology have volunteered for this task. We would like to thank Maria Demaria, Jodie Abramovitch, Tim Gottschalk and Erika Duan for their generous gift of time, expertise and enthusiasm. Hopefully these high school students will be enraptured by immunology and elect to study with us!
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