5 Feb 2016

Congratulations to Alfred researchers on MIME funding

The Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) has announced its 2015 Seed Funding Awardees, to which over $700,000 has been disbursed in research project support. The projects will be undertaken in collaboration with researchers in the Faculties of Engineering and IT.

The Central Clinical School recipients were:

Professor Mark Fitzgerald (National Trauma Research Institute)   
  • Chest trauma: Develop semi-automated device for emergency drainage of blood in the chest cavity (pleural decompression device)    
  • Trauma resuscitation: Develop wireless heads-up display for real-time decision support in trauma situations   
Professor Anton Peleg (Department of Infectious Diseases)

  • Hospital-acquired infections: Develop surface coatings for medical devices that resist the attachment of organisms and establishment of biofilms, particularly antibiotic resistance biofilms

Adjunct Professor Bruce Thompson (Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory Medicine )

  • Asthma treatment: Development and testing of a nebulizer with “dial up” particle size control that can target small airways, improving the treatment of asthma   
Professor Andrew Spencer (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases)

  • Multiple myeloma diagnostic tool: Develop a diagnostic test for detecting circulating tumour DNA for use in primary healthcare



MIME PhD Scholarship support

MIME also funds PhD scholarships so students can be recruited to work with researchers. Successful researchers from CCS were: 

Dr Heather Cleland, Mr Stephen Goldie (Department of Surgery)

  • Burn injuries: Develop a tissue engineered skin substitute, which will enable rapid and permanent wound closure, as well as functional and aesthetic reconstruction   

Dr Stephen Ting (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases)

  • Leukemia stem cell detection: Single cell identification, separation, isolation and assay of bone marrow and leukemia stem cells     

Professor Mark Fitzgerald (National Trauma Research Institute)   
  • Trauma resuscitation – develop wireless heads-up display for real-time decision support   
Professor David Kaye (Department of Medicine, Baker IDI)
  • Heart attack: Develop 3D-printed muscle patch for heart repair

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