5 Feb 2016

Odd spot: Multitasking is a myth - neuroscientists explain why

US TV program 'Today' asked two top neuroscientists at MIT, Earl Miller and Bob Desimone the following questions. See the article for Earl's answers, and the video for both scientists' explanations.
  • Does using devices change how the brain functions?
  • Why do devices so easily distract people?
  • Why is multitasking a problem?
  • Why do we think we are better at multitasking than we really are?
  • What are some ways to combat digital distractions?
"Focus on one thing at a time. If I am writing a paper and working and I am checking my email every minute, I am incurring a switch cost every minute." Earl Miller.

Link: www.today.com/health/multitasking-doesn-t-work-why-focus-isn-t-just-hocus-t69276

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