12 Aug 2016

Congratulations to Dr Charbel Darido on his move to the VCCC!

Dr Charbel Darido receiving the highly sought after "No-Bell"
prize in 2013 for his outstanding avoidance of technical terms
After 5 years at Monash and almost 9 years in Stephen Jane’s lab, it has come to the day for me to bid adieu to you. If given a second chance, I'd still come to the same lab where I met geniuses and genuine colleagues along my journey. 

It would be remiss not to recall a little of my history and give credit to people from the Jane lab (since the Bone Marrow Research Laboratories at RMH), the Curtis lab and the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases who contributed towards progressing our projects and were the best colleagues in every aspect. I will be forever grateful to you.

Thanks to your support I will be now moving to take a stimulating opportunity at Peter Mac, but at same time I will be continuing some of our work here at Monash. So after all it's not a goodbye but just wanted to thank you and wish you all a secure, successful and rewarding research that will one day pay your massive efforts.

Finally, I hope you can visit me soon, if not for science maybe for coffee, and a complementary guided tour inside the VCCC.

Best wishes, Charbel

Dr Charbel DARIDO, MSc1, MSc2, PhD
Group Leader
Head & Neck Cancer Cell Signalling Laboratory
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
e-mail: charbel.darido@petermac.org

Adjunct Research Fellow
Department of Medicine
Central Clinical School
Monash University - The Alfred Hospital
e-mail: charbel.darido@monash.edu

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