5 Oct 2016

Congratulations to our recently completed PhD students!

Maha Bakhuraysah
Tse-Chieh Teh
Sreepurna Malakar
Amity Green
Congratulations to our recently completed PhD students!

Mrs Maha Bakhuraysah's thesis is titled, "Identifying the immune function of NgR in EAE and multiple sclerois". Maha was supervised by Dr Steven Petratos, Department of Medicine in Central Clinical School, and Professor Richard Boyd from the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology.

Mr Tse-Chieh Teh's thesis is titled, "Targeting survival pathways in acute myeloid leukaemia". Tse-Chieh was supervised by Drs Andrew Wei and Mark Guthridge, Australian Centre for Blood Diseases.

Ms Sreepurna Malakar's thesis is titled, "Understanding food hypersensitivity: identifying clinical targets and biomarkers of non-coeliac gluten intolerance". Sree was supervised by Dr Jane Muir and Professor Peter Gibson, Department of Gastroenterology.

Ms Amity Green's thesis is titled, "A biological and clinical investigation of episodic memory encoding deficits in schizophrenia". Amity was supervised by Professor Paul Fitzgerald (MAPrc) and Professor Rodney Croft (University of Wollongong).

See more about Central Clinical School's PhD program.

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