6 Sept 2019

"Whose fault is it that Bob caught syphilis?" Find out in CCS's forthcoming Annual Public Lecture 2019

An exciting event to pop in your diaries is on the horizon - the CCS Annual Public Lecture. This year's presentation is called 'Whose fault is it that Bob caught syphilis?' and is being delivered by the Director of the Melbourne Sexual Health CentreProfessor Christopher Fairley AO on Thursday 17 October 2019. RSVP here

Late one night in Melbourne, Bob got syphilis after having sex with a man with syphilis. Lots other men had sex with other men that night but didn’t contract syphilis.  Bob used a condom, but they don’t always protect against syphilis. So, ‘whose fault was it’ that Bob got syphilis? The answer matters because it leads to a solution to an important problem. With syphilis cases in Melbourne on the rise, we desperately need a solution.

About our speaker
Christopher Fairley AO is Director of the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre and Professor of Public Health at Monash University. He holds three specialist medical fellowships from the College of Physicians (Infectious Diseases), Faculty of Public Health and Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine. He is an editor of the journal ‘Sexual Health’. He has supervised 30 doctoral students to completion, has over 700 journal publications and sits on the boards of IUSTI and ISSTDR. His principal research interests are the public health control of sexually transmitted diseases and the effectiveness of clinical services.

Event details
More event details here: www.monash.edu/medicine/ccs/events/2019-CCS-public-lecture

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