6 Sept 2019

2019 Collaborative Seed Grants now open for Alfred Research Alliance researchers

2018 winners Dr Akram Zamani (left) and
Dr Evelyn Tsantikos (right)
We are calling for applications for the Alfred Research Alliance (A+) EMCR Collaborative Seed Grants!

The A+ Seed Grants are intended to assist in funding innovative research and foster lasting collaborations between the institutes.
Applicants should focus on explaining how the research is innovative, why the collaboration is novel and dynamic, and outline how the respective researchers have the requisite unique skills to undertake the research. As a result, the A+ Collaborative Seed Grants review criteria will reward appropriate skill level over track records and select for genuine collaboration potential over convenient partnerships.

The A+ Collaborative Seed Grants are a Monash University initiative founded in 2014 and are designed to facilitate collaboration between Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) from different institutions within A+.

Grants will be awarded to high quality, well outlined and innovative proposals that support collaboration and knowledge sharing between institutions. (See previous winners via Archive section above).

Applications will be accepted from all fields of research, and grant funds may be used for any purpose that facilitates an innovative research collaboration. For example, it may be used to purchase equipment or software, collect unique data, or conduct experiments i.e. laboratory or medical experiments.

Two awards of $2,000 will be awarded; comprised of $1,000 for each of the participating institutions.

Applications are due 5 pm Friday, 15 November 2019, and send to ecr.amrep@monash.edu

More information: www.monash.edu/medicine/ccs/research/emcr/seed-grants

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