24 Apr 2020

Dr Runa Lindblom, LEGO Master!

Dr Runa Lindblom (left) with a team mate, working on the LEGO

challenge. Image: Channel 9
Dr Runa Lindblom, a recent PhD graduate from the Department of Diabetes, has a no-longer-hidden talent, which is building LEGO models. She had developed a brain tumour which had to be operated on, and in the process of recovery turned to LEGO. The turn was for the better, as she won a competition, then was recruited for Channel 9's LEGO Masters challenge.

See the Channel 9 story: 9now.nine.com.au/lego-masters/lego-masters-2020-runa-brain-tumour/0c306475-3a64-4513-b83f-51e6f9c13b18

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