15 Apr 2021

Media mention: Do brain implants change your personality?

Image by Annie Jen, © The New Yorker

Christine Keneally describes the experience of Rita Leggett, who has epilepsy, participated in a trial called Neurovista. An implant gave her to advance warning of impending seizures so she could ensure she was safe when they happened. 

Prof Terry O'Brien is quoted: "Specialists know [a seizure] when they see one, he said, but ... nobody ha[s] come up with a unifying description. At the most basic level, he said, a seizure is a rogue electrical discharge, an oscillation that moves in time and space, a bit like a tornado. Understanding isn’t helped by the fact that epilepsy is not a single disease, but rather the brain’s response to a variety of pathologies. Consequently, people with epilepsy often struggle with other conditions."


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