24 Dec 2012

Lupus worse for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Vincent, Fabien 003_34116223/12/2012, 14/12/2012 Dr Fabien Vincent, Department of Immunology, on a new study to find out why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people suffer more frequently and severely from Lupus than non-Indigenous Australians. ABC Online www.abc.net.au/speakingout/stories/s3660250.htm; NITV Sydney, 774 ABC Melbourne, Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association http://ahha.asn.au/news/indigenous-australians-vulnerable-lupus.

18 Dec 2012

Advances in methods to study the brain

Hoy, Kate (Small)17/12/2012 Dr Kate Hoy, MAPrc, describes how methods used to study the brain have advanced.
The Conversation
For more information about MAPrc's research, see www.maprc.org.au

12 Dec 2012

Monash vision project advances

bionic-eye12/12/2012 Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Department of Surgery - Alfred Hospital, discusses Monash Vision, which aims to give some sight back to blind individuals. For more about the project see http://www.monash.edu.au/bioniceye/technology.html 774 ABC Melbourne

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