14 Feb 2013

Grant to further heart transplant research

Rosenfeldt 082_322768Professor Frank Rosenfeldt, Department of Surgery, has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Health Market Validation Program (Health MVP) to continue his research on transplant donor heart preservation. The research is currently in the pre-clinical stage. The grant will be used to further develop the device for a donor heart to be resuscitated and evaluated for transplant.

CCAF Fellowship grant for cancer researcher Smitha Georgy

Dr Smitha Georgy has won a $100,000 grant to further investigate the mechanisms of head and neck cancers, in particular the signalling pathways to control proliferating cells. Smitha is a Senior Research Officer in the Epidermal Development Laboratory, Department of Medicine. The grant was awarded by the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation (CCAF).

Smart phone app for IBS sufferers

20121221-app-phone04/02/2013 A new smartphone app developed by the Department of Gastroenterology provides an on-the-go reference to help the one-in-seven adults who suffer irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) avoid the foods that trigger their symptoms.
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