30 Oct 2019

Pioneering lung researchers boost Monash physiotherapy

Professor Anne Holland joins CCS. 
Photo: Anne Crawford
by Anne Crawford

Central Clinical School (CCS) in partnership with Alfred Health has gained a powerhouse team of researchers in the field of non-pharmacological chronic respiratory disease rehabilitation, making it one of the few sites in the world that specialises in this field.

Professor Anne Holland, a practising physiotherapist and world-leading researcher, heads the group, which is focussing on research and clinical trials in rehabilitation for pulmonary fibrosis and on interventions to improve the wellbeing of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Breakthrough in treatment for brain trauma

L-R: Maria Daglas (first author), Maithili Sashindranath, Rob Medcalf
Monash University scientists have made a major breakthrough in understanding how our immune system response to head trauma leads to ongoing, long-term health problems.

A study by Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD) researchers finds an increase in immune cells in the brain following head trauma. These cells, when over-activated, contribute to deterioration in brain function over time. The findings open the door to potential developments for drugs to prevent long-term brain damage.

29 Oct 2019

Gait and dementia: There's far more to the way we walk than we thought

This article was published on Monash Lens 25 October 2019. See also our 19 June 2019 story featuring the research.

Dementia is the main cause of disability in older people all over the world. About 47 million people are affected, with estimates this will reach 140 million by 2050. In Australia, dementia is the leading cause of death for women and the second-leading cause of death for men. Approximately 415,000 people currently live with dementia in Australia; this is expected to rise to an estimated 1.2 million by 2056.

The spectre of untreatable gonorrhea

Dr Jason Ong, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre based researcher, has put together an open access Special Issue, sponsored by the World Health Organisation. The issue was launched at the 23-26 October conference of the International Union of STI - Asia-Pacific in Shanghai. 

This Special Issue of Sexual Health aims to collate the latest evidence base focussed on understanding the current epidemic and transmission of gonorrhoea, choice of treatment, molecular epidemiology application, concerns about antimicrobial resistance and alternative prevention and control for gonorrhoea.

New guidelines for immunology research tool, flow cytometry

Immunological research is complex, delving deep into the minutiae of the biological systems which protect us from disease and infection. The research requires specific and powerful tools. A large team of over 200 renowned experts from over 190 institutions globally have prepared the second version of the 'Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry', including researchers from Central Clinical School and Burnet Institute.

28 Oct 2019

CCS recent publications 14-21 October 2019

Paul Gill, PhD student in the Departments
of Gastroenterology and Immunology, is 
first author on a paper investigating the anti-
inflammatory effects of a high-fibre diet.
Recent publications from Central Clinical School affiliated researchers in the following departments. See also the school's RSS feed.
  • AIRmed
  • Australian Centre for Blood Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Gastroenterology
  • Immunology and Pathology
  • Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
  • Monash Alfred Psychiatry research Centre
  • Neuroscience
  • Peninsula Clinical School
  • Surgery and National Trauma Research Institute

MOU signed between Monash and Xi'an Jiaotong Universities for exchange program

L-R: Professors Yan Hong, Stephen Jane, Robyn Slattery and Associate
Professor Lei Zhang at the MOU ceremony, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Professor Steve Jane, Dean, Sub-Faculty of Translational Medicine and Public Health, with Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) Vice President, Prof Yan Hong at the ceremony, signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for an exchange program between Monash and Xi'an Jiaotong University Health Sciences Centre on 21 October 2019.

Congratulations to Brain Foundation winners!

L-R: Emma Foster, Pablo Casillas-Espinosa, Mujun Sun, Lin Zhang, Edrich Rodrigues
The Brain Foundation announced its grant winners on 21 October 2019. A total of 23 gifts were awarded for a total combined value of $540,000. Central Clinical School's Department of Neuroscience and Alfred Health researchers received five of those gifts, across five separate categories. Congratulations to Emma Foster, Pablo Casillas-Espinosa, Mujun Sun, Lin Zhang and Edrich Rodrigues!

6-7 Nov Monash Cardiovascular Health Symposium

Join us for this two day symposium showcasing cardiovascular health research across Monash University and its research partners. You can register for either day and if interested in presenting a poster (PhD students also welcome to submit), submit an abstract through eventbrite or submit direct to Dr Simona John von Freyend, via email simona.johnvonfreyend@monash.edu or phone: 03 9902 0005. 

For details & to register: https://cardiovascularhealthsymposium.eventbrite.com
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