12 May 2014

Faculty of 1000 Prime selects Department of Immunology Leukemia article

Post publication peer
review acknowledgement
Congratulations to the Department of Immunology researchers! Their article on chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) has been recommended by the Faculty of 1000 as being of special significance in its field. The reviewer, Dr Philippe Saas, writes,  "these data may explain the vulnerability of CLL patients to viral infections and provide therapeutic approaches (Flt3L plus CpG ODN or anti-TNF plus anti-TGF-beta antibodies) to restore PDC number and PDC capacity to produce type I IFN in peripheral lymphoid tissues." References:

11 May 2014

Congratulations for CCS researchers for their travel grants

CCS Travel grants were awarded to five staff members to visit institutions or attend conferences for presentations and posters on their research areas. Congratulations to:
  • Dr Charbel Darido, Medicine (PTEN Pathways and Targets, New York, USA)
  • Dr Devy Delante, Immunology (Angiotensin Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) and Conference (GRC), Tuscany, Italy)
  • Dr Sebastian Dworkin, Medicine (11th International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics, Madison, Winconsin and invited seminars)
  • Dr Bernadette Fitzgibbon, MAPrc (Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, Boston, and Harvard University on non-invasive brain stimulation)
  • Dr Rebecca Segrave, MAPrc (64th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting)

2014 Advancing Women's Research Success Grant to Maithili Sashindranath

Congratulations to Dr Maithili Sashindranath, who has been awarded a 2014 Advancing Women's Research Success Grant for $10,500 by Monash University. The funds will complement funds that she received from the Dementia Research Foundation to investigate how traumatic brain injury leads to dementia. Maithili is a postdoctoral fellow in Professor Rob Medcalf's Fibrinolysis and Gene Regulation Laboratory (ACBD). See more about the scheme.
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