20 Jul 2013

Central Clinical School goes visual: Pinterest social media photoboard

Central Clinical School, Monash University comprises about 800 people who study, teach and do medical research, starting at 18 and going up... Curiousity never stops! Our school is based at the Alfred Hospital precinct in Melbourne, Victoria and we have a lot to do with the hospital as much of the research has a big clinical component.

16 Jul 2013

Recent Central Clinical School publications

pubs-317419Cashin K, Gray LR, Jakobsen MR, Sterjovski J, Churchill MJ, Gorry PR (2013). CoRSeqV3-C: A novel HIV-1 subtype C specific V3 sequence based coreceptor specificity prediction algorithm. Retrovirology, 2013.

Lupus therapy: one size does not fit all

lupus-cnsLupus is not a simple disease. This disease can be categorised into different clinical subtypes according to the major organ involved, such as brain or kidney. Monash Immunology researchers have shown that two clinical subtypes of lupus defined by major organ involvement, one affecting the central nervous system (CNS) and the other affecting the kidneys, have associated, distinctive patterns of immune response.
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